• Our kiln dried bundled firewood

    is cut to standard uniform lengths, kiln dried, and packaged for individual sale.

  • By kiln drying our firewood not only are we destroying insects and pests but making it burn better and cleaner. It's a win-win for the customer.
  • Looking for a bundled

    kiln dried firewood

    supplier? Find out why our products are superior and how we would like to do business with you.

  • Industy leader in kiln dried Birch firewood, if you want to burn the best... birch is your wood.
Leading supplier of Birch Firewood, widly considered the best firewood. Kiln dried and packaged.
Our Bundled kiln dried Firewood consists of 100% hardwoods, kiln dried to meet USDA regulations, and packaged for retail.
Industry leading supplier of Kiln dried and bundled firewood, learn why and what we do.